Welcome to Swimsuit Fit Guide!

I am a former swimsuit designer who created Swimsuit Fit Guide to educate women how to shop for a swimsuit that fits correctly. By showing pictures of common fitting mistakes to evaluate before buying, the consumer is better prepared for the often dreaded swimsuit shopping experience. I don’t sell swimsuits and want to express that just because a swimsuit fits another person’s body perfectly, it won’t necessarily be the same for you. Each of our bodies are different and I have yet to meet a swimsuit that works for everyone.

There are no full pictures of models wearing swimsuits in this website, because I have found that people get distracted by looking at the woman and don’t notice how the suit actually fits. Instead, I show excerpts of pictures that highlight the specific fitting problems that women need to watch out for when shopping for swimsuits. Here are some of the items I try to teach you to look for:

I also provide suggestions for mastectomy bathing suits and other special situations such as camouflaging colostomy bags in the Shopping Tips section. In addition I make recommendations on what to look for in UV protection swimwear, where to buy swimsuits, and general swimsuit care tips. Please read the About page for more information on me and my background. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my website.