Are Your Swimsuit Bottoms Too Big?

This page contains information on how to identify when the bottom of a swimsuit, be it one piece or two piece) is too large. Some of the examples are so extreme that the problems with them are very obvious, but they will help give you an eye for what to look for when trying on swimsuits. Other aspects of ensuring that swimsuit bottoms fit are to ensure that the leg openings fit, the sides aren’t too tight, boy legs fit correctly, and they don’t rise too high for your body.

Swimsuit Bottoms Too Wide Across Front

Figure A of Photo 1, below, shows a significant amount of vertical wrinkles across the front of the bikini bottoms. These wrinkles indicate that the groin of the swimsuit is too wide for the model wearing them. You would see similar wrinkles in a one piece swimsuit that is too wide. Wearing a swimsuit that fits like this could cause chafing of the inner thigh and possibly even bruising if the leg elastic is too tight.

swimsuit bottoms too big across the front

Photo 1: Groin of Bikini Bottom Too Wide

Big, Baggy Swimsuit Bottoms (Front)

Swimsuit Bottoms too Big in Front

Photo 2: Bikini Bottoms Too Loose

Unfortunately, the resolution of Photo 2 isn’t great, but I think it’s good enough to see the gaping along the inner thigh (Figure A) of the bikini bottoms, and the horizontal wrinkling across the front (Figure B). This is a front view picture, and the wrinkles indicate that the front is too long for the model’s body, and the leg opening is too big. I expect she is wearing it pushed down, or it is just plain too big for her. Either way, this suit isn’t likely to stay in place long when she gets in the water. If you try one on that fits this way, try a size smaller or a different style. If you don’t like the style of a swimsuit and try to force it into something else you will never be happy with it.

Swimsuit Bottoms Too Long in Groin Area (Front)

Swimsuit bottoms too big in front groin area

Photo 3: Baggy Bottoms Front View

Photo 3 shows what the front of a bikini bottom looks like when the front piece is too long for the person’s body. Again, I think this is a case of the model wearing the sides lower than intended, but if she were to wear it in the water like this it would drag down and possibly even fall off. Figure A indicates the bagginess of the bottoms.

Baggy Swimsuit Bottoms (Back)


swimsuit bottoms too big in back

Photo 4: Back End of Bikini Bottoms Falling Off

Photo 4 is a case of bikini bottoms that are just plain too big. There is a significant gap between the leg opening of the swimsuit and the model’s leg in Figure A, and Figure B shows the huge wrinkles made up of the excess fabric. I would be surprised if this swimsuit would stay on her in water. Don’t buy one that fits this way!

Swimsuit Bottoms Too Big Across Back

swimsuit bottoms too big

Photo 5: Bottom of 1-Piece Swimsuit Too Wide

Photo 5 shows what happens when there is too much fabric across the back of a swimsuit, and it will look the same regardless of whether it’s a one piece swimsuit or a two piece swimsuit. Notice how the fabric bunches up in Figure A. Be aware that a print fabric can camouflage this better than a solid, so if you have no other choice but to accept a suit that fits this way, opt for a print. Warning: a suit that fits this way is pretty uncomfortable.